Bold, Captivating Flavors of Shadow Reposado and Anejo

Discover spirits rippling with sweet aromatics and exotic notes. Tequilas crafted for sipping have a complex aging process and are matured in special oak barrels flavored with aromatics that enrich the spirit. Aging creates silky smooth tequilas on the palate with a gentle, pleasurable finish that will tantalize your taste buds. Shadow Tequila is perfect for just about any occasion that calls for sipping tequila and is best enjoyed neat at room temperature. Avoid drowning it in ice or mixing it with other liquors, as the complex flavor profile of this magnificent drink needs to be savored and enjoyed on its own. To get you started on your voyage of pure pleasure, we’ve listed a few popular types of Shadow Tequila:

Shadow Reposado

Tequila aged anywhere between two months to a year is known as reposado. As the shortest-aged tequila, it’s loved for its brilliant light golden hue. With signature notes of caramel, vanilla, honey, and subtle hints of oak, Shadow Reposado has a smooth, sweet mouthfeel with a lingering, coated finish. Serve neat, and sip this tequila slowly to savor the delectable combination of flavors. If you love variation, add Shadow Reposado to sangria to enjoy the unique flavors of the spirit.

With a light body that offers effervescent botanical notes, Shadow Reposado tequila offers the ideal complement to summer barbecues with grilled seafood, salads, and antipasto boards.

Shadow Añejo

When tequila is termed Añejo, it means it's been aged or matured. Shadow Añejo is aged for 3 years in French oak barrels, which imparts a deep amber hue to the spirit. The flavor profile of this tequila is marked by the sweetness of caramel and vanilla balanced with cinnamon spice and an oaky finish that coats the mouth. To savor the caramelized finish, enjoy a tipple on the rocks, or add two drops of agave syrup to cut through the initial bite. The subtle sweetness of agave also pairs beautifully with the vanilla notes of Shadow Añejo.

A medium body that balances a light flavor profile and aging, Shadow Añejo adds the spice of life to all your festivities. From celebrating events with your loved ones to creating a quality foundation for cocktails, you can relish its superb array of flavors.

Shadow Extra Añejo - Coming soon

For tequila to be labeled as extra Añejo, it must be aged for over three years. Shadow Extra Añejo is aged for seven years in French oak barrels, which allows the spirit to maintain its rich, dark brown hue. This exquisite tipple boasts aromatics of toasted oak, decadent caramel, and sweet honey. With a smooth mouth coating, Shadow Extra Añejo sets the palate for a pleasurable tasting experience with its characteristically sweet and oaky notes. Best served neat on the rocks, the sugary flavors flood your palate without the typical sting of alcohol. The dark amber spirit exudes an excellent roasted flavor accompanied by intoxicating fruit and spice notes — this tequila is guaranteed to be loved at first taste.

With bold flavors that coat your mouth, Shadow Extra Añejo is the perfect tipple to brood on and discover its nuanced flavors. As an after-dinner treat or to toast to special occasions, do it right with a dram of Shadow Extra Añejo.